Make Marketing Simpler


Marketing has never seemed more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. My work centers on helping marketers strategically rise above complexity, so they can focus on the core issues that actually matter to moving their business.

After spending 20+ years in marketing, I've seen the world from the lens of classic CPG on the brand side, from the creative side of blue chip agencies, from the world of academia, and from cutting edge digital consulting.  Here's what's true:

Voice, AI, 1st party data, addressable TV are fantastic, but 10% of what marketers need to worry about. Emerging tactics are frequently a distracting siren song to marketers who need to pay attention to value they’re creating in an evolving market.

Strategy is the 90%. Strategy is just prioritizing where and how to spend your resources to generate the greatest return. "We don't have time for strategy." Yes, you do. No one has enough money to ignore strategy (except maybe Amazon and Facebook).


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