works with companies around the world on marketing strategy issues through rocket science consulting

Programs typically involve speaking, teaching, and/or workshops. Available to help on a range of topics including:

  • Channel Prioritization through Journey Mapping

    • With an ever expanding palette of ways to connect with our customer, marketers can use a hybrid journey model to prioritize when, where, and how to intersect with customers to drive the most value

  • Marketing Essentials

    • This session covers the core principles that matter most in creating effective marketing - goal setting, segmentation, targeting and positioning

  • Creating Brand “Experience”

    • Demystify “experience” and talk about how brands are differentiating by taking a more holistic view of the customer’s needs and finding new ways to intersect to create value

  • Purpose Driven Marketing

    • When does elevating your message beyond the simple benefits you provide make sense? This session examines the issue to help marketers understand when, why, and how to elevate their communications and embrace brand purpose

  • Understanding the Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing

    • Advertising platforms evolve quickly making choices difficult. Should marketers run the existing TV ad or explore Facebook Stories. Two practical models help guide our actions from the 20,000 foot view down to individual tactic assessment

  • Improving Marketing Communications

    • Blending academics with experience on the client and agency side, this session covers the best practices in getting better creative

  • Bringing the Brand to Life

    • Moving from the strategic to the tactical, this session focuses on creating an impactful brand. From Personality to Visual elements, Brand voice, and naming and logo.

  • Data in Media and Creative

    • Data is impacting both what we say and where we say it. This session, geared to marketing leaders, goes over the basics of how modern media uses data for audience targeting and how it impacts creative through personalization

Also consult on specific projects or issues. Due to time constraints, these tend to be short engagements, lasting up to one week.

Recent clients include JM Smuckers, Caterpillar, Gojo Industries (Purell), Patron tequila, Ohio Health, Children's Hospital Colorado, AB InBev, Unilever, Aldi, and FTD.

If you are interested in having Kevin work with your group you can contact him directly