Marketing is so simple it’s hard.


What I teach and what I preach is that if marketers can strip away the unneeded complexities they can focus on the core issues that actually matter to moving their business.

After spending 20+ years in marketing I've seen the world from the lens of classic CPG on the brand side, from the creative side of blue chip agencies, from the world of academia, and from cutting edge digital consulting.  Here's what's true:

1) No one has enough money and resources to ignore strategy. Strategy is just figuring out where to spend your resources to get the greatest return. "We don't have time for strategy" Yes, you do. It doesn't have to take a long time and you can't afford to skip it.

2) We spin (and spend lots of time and money) on things that don't matter as much. Let's take an 1/8th of the time we spend debating over non-essential creative elements or virtually identical media touch points and put that towards the harder question - who is going to stop using the competition and start using my brand and what will I have to say/do to make that happen? 

3) There isn't a right answer. But there is a right attitude and a right process. Spend a little time getting to 70% right and try it. Learn from that. Try it again. In the time it would have taken us to pre-test something 10 years ago, we can be on our 4th live iteration with real results (probably cheaper). Let's move.  


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